Boules players – Bryant Park

People (mostly friends and family) have pointed out that there aren’t many people in my pictures. This is true – up to a point.

I’m much better at taking pictures of things that don’t move. Lakes, mountains buildings, stationary vehicles etc. People test my technique a bit, children in particular.

I take pictures of my family. I have two daughters and four grandchildren. I’ve taken some good pictures of them. Unfortunately, my daughters have forbidden sharing any of these pictures on the internet and I fully understand and agree with their reasoning. So I have pictures but nobody but family sees them.

So that leaves taking pictures of strangers. I find it hard to approach people I don’t know to ask them if I can take their picture. It’s just my personality. On the odd occasion where I’ve done so I haven’t liked the results – not at all natural. I also feel that I shouldn’t take up too much of their time so I feel I’m under pressure and rush the shot. Partly a problem of nerves and partly a problem of poor technique (I can’t get everything together fast enough).

I do take pictures of strangers on the street without their knowledge. I’m not the kind of person to take a long lens and take pictures of people across the street. I’m usually using something around 50mm and people probably see that I’m taking pictures. They just don’t know that I’m taking their picture. I know that legally I can take the pictures, but I’m foggy as to how I can use them. I’m not sure whether publishing them on the internet will cause some kind of problem so I don’t usually do it – just in case (you’ll have figured out by now that I have a cautious personality).

But just to show those who think I never take pictures of people here are a few.


Diving for coins

Kids with kids

The cyclist


Flea market vendor

Piermont festival.

For more people pictures please take a look at the album below:

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