A few pictures taken while walking the dog around the lake.

I liked the textures here: the stone wall, the weathered fence, the rock, the ‘gravelly’ soil and the smoother plant leaves.

Lakeview with dock and gazebo. This one looks better at a larger size. Please click on the image.

Someone had stuck this plastic bird (a heron I think) into the sand at Moon Beach. Our dog Jackson was really confused by it. He didn’t know if it was alive or not and if was alive why it wasn’t moving. He circled warily round and around the “bird” coming closer and closer each time until he decided he could safely ignore it. A slightly “quirky” picture – probably more so if I’d managed to get Jackson in it.

Not so invisible.

Statue at our house. I liked the dappled late day light. May have worked better in colour for once.

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