The Niese’s Farm web site says:

The Niese family has boiled maple sap for seven generations. We are the oldest family maple producers in southern New York, from single buckets of syrup in 1892, to miles of sap lines today, we’ve kept our quality high and service unbeatable.
“Since early childhood I’ve worked the entire maple sap to syrup process with my father and grandfather – Dad still boils at age 80, so we’ve always kept it going strong. Farming is something that’s just in you.”

The Putnam County News also has an article on the farm

We went there for breakfast on father’s day. They also had music in the form of two singers who also played guitar and flute.

Glenn Niese – The Owner.

Tractor outside the store

Bert and Ernie

Wood sculptures

Inside the store


The sign says it all

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