During our recent garage cleanup we came across three apparently exposed films in a box that clearly had not been opened in years. I had them processed and scanned. Two of them were completely blank – I guess that somehow the leader had been wound back into the cartridge before they were exposed.

The third roll was a surprise though. I recall the event: we were living on Long Island, NY at the time and a group of us went to Robert Moses beach. We are still in touch with some of the people in the pictures e.g.the woman on the far left of the first picture and her husband, the Adonis in the third picture. Some of the people we were close to (the guy with the mustache carrying the baby in the first picture and his wife and kids in the second and fourth pictures) but long ago lost touch with. We remember the woman second from the left in the first picture but don’t recall that she ever came out to visit us. We don’t remember the people in the fifth picture at all. The guy waving in the first picture is me.

How old are these pictures? On the same roll were some pictures of the Hague, Netherlands where my wife worked around 1986. These would have been earlier. It might be that these pictures are around 30 years old.

Of course they’re not as old as they look. I converted them to black and white and added the vignettes, partly because I like the way they look and partly to cover up some of the problems arising from processing a 30 year old film (extreme color shifts and lots of grain).

I’m not even sure who took the pictures. I don’t think it was me.

Sue and Son


Hard to believe that the baby might now be in his/her thirties

Unknown couple

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