Spruce Hill Inn – Facade

I’d been stuck inside for a couple of days because of bad weather and was getting bored. So one Sunday I decided I had to get out and I went to the closest thing that Putnam Valley has to a town centre: Oregon corners. Apparently they’re not used to people take pictures there. I was taking pictures of the exterior of the picturesque old Sherriff’s office when out came one of the deputies. I went over to him and he very pleasantly asked what I was doing. I explained that I liked taking pictures of old buildings and showed him the pictures I had been taking. You read on the photography forums of photographers having very unpleasant experiences with some policemen. This was quite the opposite. The young officer was friendly, polite, courteous and explained nicely that it was OK to take pictures of the front of the Sheriff’s office but that I should not go around the back (which I wouldn’t have done since it was obviously private property) and take pictures there. He then left me to get on with it.

Putnam Valley Sherrifs Department

Then I went over to the Spruce Hill Inn. As I was taking the pictures a woman came out and expressed interest in what I was doing. I explained again and then she invited me in for a drink, so in I went. I ended staying for an hour or so and had a really good time. The people were really friendly.

Spruce Hill Inn – Interior

Spruce Hill Inn- The Bar

Happy Couple – This is the woman (Liz) who invited me in for a drink with her husband (Andy)

Juke Box

At the pool table (Andy again and Carrie who was working at the bar)

Detail from the men’s room

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