This time it’s my parent’s wedding: 5 August 1950 (I think). I wasn’t born yet so clearly I didn’t take the pictures. Unfortunately I don’t know who did and the tattered and fading wedding album gives no clues. I recall that I loved to look at this album when I was a child (although I had difficulty understanding why I wasn’t in any of the pictures). I liked the feel of the pictures, and the “crinkly” plasticky cover. Like many other things it disappeared into a box during one of our moves and has only now re-emerged.

Maid/Matron of Honour: Aunt Cath and Aunt Violet.

Aunt Beatrice reaching out to her son, my cousin Tony. Uncle Albert in the background. One of my grandmothers and a “Grandma Hudson” (my great grand mother) to the right.

Wedding party. Aunt Cath (my father’s half sister); Dad, Mum, Aunt Violet (my mother’s sister); and Uncle Arnold (my mother’s oldest brother.

The broader wedding group. Most of whom I recall, but some of whom are a complete mystery to me.

Mum and Dad outside St. Mary’s Church, Sandbach.

From left to right: my grandmother (on my father’s side) and her third husband (I don’t remember his name); Aunt Cath; Mum & Dad; Aunt Violet; Uncle Albert; Grandma Hudson; my grandfather on my mother’s side.

Mum and my grandfather (her father)

Mum and dad cutting the cake at the reception

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