Constitution Marsh with West Point in the background

When we went to the big band concert at Boscobel I picked up a copy of “Hudson Valley & Catskills” at the gift shop. The book described Constitution Marsh as follows:

A National Audobon Society haven for nature lovers who enjoy birding along the river and spotting rare wildflowers in spring. There is a boardwalk to make viewing easier and a self guided nature tour.

I decided to take a look. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I couldn’t take the dog. No dogs allowed on Constitution Marsh.


One of the exhibits on the poetry trail. In case you can’t read the poem it says:


I am thankful for falcons
straining in the air
calling others when they see their prey
Their feathers feel like the seeds of milkweed.

I am thankful for the trees that grow food
like the sweetest apple
and trunks like the great columns of history.

I am grateful for the blowing wind like the calling shadows.

I am grateful for the lake that looks like paper being folded like an accordion.

Ben, 3rd grade

Bee on a bullrush

Another view of the causeway

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