Indian Brook Falls is very close to Constitution Marsh. In fact you use the same parking area. I’d been driving past here on route 9d for years and never knew that it was here. That’s probably because it’s not at all well marked. I don’t believe there’s a sign on route 9d. Even when you get to the rather out of the way parking area you’ll find signs to Constitution Marsh but not to Indian Brook Falls. There are really only two ways you could go: right to Constitution Marsh and left. So I guessed left. This took me under the route 9d bridge. Just after the bridge there is an old gate with a trail on the other side. This trail goes down a little and then curves to the right with a moss covered wall on your right. Don’t be tempted follow the trail to the right. Instead when you get to the end of the wall you’ll see a small path going down to your left. Follow this path and it will take you down to the brook. Keep going for a couple of minutes and you’ll find the falls. It’s worth it. I believe there’s some kind of romantic story associated with the falls. Something to do with an Indian maid and her doomed relationship with a western guy, but I haven’t been able to discover the details.

I initially missed the path going down to the brook and ended up going on a fairly lengthy walk in the woods. It wasn’t a complete loss though as I came across the old, partially ruined building below. I have no idea what it is/was.

Detail of route 9d bridge

Trail and mossy Wall

Indian Brook Falls

Interesting old building in the woods

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