For a change a few color pictures. All pictures taken with a Sony Nex 5N and legacy lenses. The flowers were taken with a Rokinon 28mm f2.8 in Minolta mount. I bought an inexpensive Minolta X-700 and it came with a couple of Rokinon Lenses. The rest were taken with a Canon 50mm 1.4 FD SSC.

Hallowe’en is coming around again so I’ll start with a pumpkin picture. This one about this time last year.

Bicycle with flowers near Grand Central Terminal. The blurred effect is deliberate: I didn’t just miss the focus. When I saw the pastel colors of the flowers I thought I’d go for an “impressionistic” kind of effect.

Statue of George Washington in Union Square Park, Manhattan. Apparently it’s the oldest sculpture in the New York City Parks Collection. For more information follow the link. I once read that over time Washington had ceased to be a human being, with human strengths and weaknesses and instead had become an equestrian statue.

Rose in our garden

Motorcycle near Grand Central Terminal

More roses from our garden

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