In an earlier post I noted that my first digital SLR was a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5d.  I bought this camera because:

a) I’d had a good experience with a minolta camera in the past. My first serious camera was a Minolta Hi-Matic 7sii. By that time I’d had film SLRs, but when I went to digital I started with a Canon
s10 followed by a Canon s50 – both of them compact cameras.

b) The Maxxum 5d was a good buy because at that time Konica Minolta was getting out of the camera business. When I bought the camera I didn’t know that Sony would be picking up the Konica Minolta camera business.

As I mentioned in the earlier post I didn’t really give the Maxxum a chance and after a while i decided that what I needed was a better camera with more megapixels (I was a lot more naive in those days). I had lenses in the Maxxum mount so the logical choice was Sony. I found a good buy on the Alpha 500 and so I got it. However, I think I was souring on SLRs by that time so I didn’t use it that much. I lost interest in photography at that time and my enthusiasm was not rekindled until I lost the Canon Powershot S50 and bought a Panasonic Lumix LX-3 to replace it.

My interest in SLRs (both film and digital) has recently increased and the other day I bought two Maxxum lenses for a grand total of $26. When they come I’ll try them out on the Alpha 500.

Falls at the Croton Dam

Gypsy – Our cat

Man on a boat. Seen on a boat ride on the Hudson River

Jackson – Our dog

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