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One of the joys of photography is the interesting cast of characters you meet along the way. I’m not talking about the subject’s you’re shooting here, I’m talking about the other photographers you’ll run in to.

No matter how many different personalities you come across though, you’ll eventually start to notice recurring themes. A cast of familiar characters if you will. Today, in order to lighten things up a little, we’ll explore a few of those different characters. Here are 8 different types of photographers you’ll run into in your life

The Eight Different Types of Photographers You'll Find in the Wild.

So which one am I?

I’m certainly not the “Social Media Hawk”. After a period where I posted a lot to Facebook I now no longer post anything.

I’m not really the film only guy. I do like to shoot film occasionally, but I like the convenience of digital too much for film ever to become a large part of my photography.

Digital only guy? No. I like the experience of shooting film. It’s less hurried, more thoughtful etc.

Gear Junkie. Partly. I have a lot of gear, especially old gear. This is because I collect old cameras. I don’t collect them because I think they will make my photography any better. I know they won’t. I just like old things.

The Judge. Definitely not. I only rarely comment on other people’s photos and when I do it’s because I’ve seen something I particularly liked – some my comments are usually positive.

The recluse. Again partly. I don’t like to photograph in a group, preferring instead to walk around by myself. I do like to get out and take photos though.

The non-photographer friend. Definitely not. I’m much to interested in everything photographic. I’m definitely a photographer – just not as good as I’d like to be. My wife is the non-photographer friend. The only camera she uses is her iphone camera. However, she often comes up with really nice pictures. She just has a good eye – it’s really annoying. She also a social media hawk – virtually every picture she takes ends up on Facebook.

So like most people I’m a mixture of all of the above types, some more than others.

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