I was looking for somewhere to have lunch/brunch one Sunday. Most of the time we limit ourselves to restaurants on our side (the east side) of the Hudson river. This time I decided to look a little (but not too much) farther afield. After browsing around on the internet I came across this place on the eastern side of the Hudson: Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa.. So off we went. It’s quite an interesting place off Route 9w in Milton, NY. 9w at that point isn’t particularly impressive. However, after making a right turn off 9w and then a couple of more turns it’s like you’re in a different world. There’s a whole complex there.

After we parked the car we walked back across a bridge over a
small pond with ducks and geese.

Then we got to the restaurant: Henry’s at the farm .

It was a cold day but, as you can see from next picture, they have tables outside overlooking the pond. Must be nice to sit there on a sunny summer day. This is the view from our table. A farm (Millstone Farm) is part of the complex so this is farm to table eating. The food was good. One of these days I’ll learn that brunch is pretty much the same wherever you go and not visit these places on Sunday. I’d like to go back for lunch or dinner to see what the restaurant can really do.

There’s even a small graveyard on the property.

I’m fascinated by graveyards and found this one a little odd. There were statues scattered around. This is usually the case, but here many of the statues seemed out of place. They were not the usual religiously themed statues.

In fact some of them seemed to be rather pagan.

The Spa is a quite spectacular modern building with views of the Hudson.

From there a lawn rolls down to a terrace overlooking the Hudson. It was a cloudy fall day but I could easily imagine reclining in a chair looking at the Hudson in better weather.

As we didn’t intend to stay (and probably never would since it’s so close) we didn’t check out the Inn. But from the photos on the web site it’s looks quite nice.

We made our way back to the car passing the farm only to find…..Llamas.

We often take our grandkids to farms (Muscoot, Barton Orchards etc.) but I’ve never seem Llamas. They’re certainly not your typical Hudson valley farm animals.

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