Other posts have documented my neighbour’s gift of a Minolta SrT 201 and Minolta MD Rokkor-x 50mm f1.7  and my walk along Canopus Lake with the lens on a Sony Nex 5n.  These black and white pictures were taken around Pelton pond with the same lens and camera.

Pelton pond is an interesting spot.   The parking area is right on route 301 opposite the park office and is very easy to find.   Close to the parking area there are numerous picnic spots overlooking the pond.  Very nice in summer.  The trail is quite short (about 1.5 miles) and goes around the pond.  The first part up to the end of the pond is pretty easy.  The second part from the end of the pond to back to the parking lot is rougher (narrow, rocky, lots of tree roots etc.) but still pretty easy.  Walking around I saw a number of downed trees.  They hadn’t just fallen over.  Rather they seemed to have been cut.  When I looked closer I noticed that they had not been cut with a saw, nor had an axe been used.  Instead they looked as if they had been gnawed through.  I’m thinking there must be beavers in Pelton Pond.

Stone picnic pavilion

Another view of the pond

Log with fungus

Old log

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