I went into the city again the other day.  As always there were picture taking opportunities like this women attempting to get a soda from the soft drinks machine at Scarborough station. The last time I tried to do this it took my money and refused to give me the diet coke I had requested.

Shadows. Taken from the train. A second after I took this someone walked up the stairs and cast their shadow. This would have made a much better picture but I was unable to react fast enough to get it.

Fiddling around here by focusing on the window and letting the background blur out. There’s something about it that I like though.

Daily News building facade.

Figures – Grand Central Terminal

Possibly the most beautiful building in New York City: The Chrysler building.

Light fixtures in the bar at the Wyndham hotel

All of pictures were taken with a Sony Nex 5n and Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E

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