Not to be confused with the more famous Stony Point Battlefield State Park, which is on the west side of the Hudson just north of Haverstraw this site: Little Stony Point is on the east side of the Hudson on route 9d just north of Cold Spring.

You approach the site via a bridge over the railroad tracks.

The trail descends gradually down to a sandy beach with great views along the Hudson towards Breakneck Ridge and Storm King.

If you walk along the beach you can pick up the trail again on the other side. It meanders along the Hudson and finally brings you back to where you started by the railroad bridge.

Boat on the Hudson

It’s a short easy walk. There are small cliffs along the way (I couldn’t find a way up them but then I didn’t try very hard as I didn’t have much time) and apparently there’s also a cave (couldn’t find that either).

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