The town of Patterson, NY has an interesting site on the history of the town. There are pages on the churches of Patterson; and on the Maple Ave. Cemetery; the combined church cemeteries and the war memorial., which are the subjects of these pictures.

Sibbell Ludington’s grave. The site has a biography for Sibbell Ludington. The first paragraph says:

Sybil Ludington has been celebrated as the female Paul Revere because of her ride through Putnam and Dutchess Counties to warn the militia that British troops were burning Danbury, Connecticut.

There’s a spectacular statue of her in Carmel by the famous artist Anna Huntington.  It seems that she lived to what must have, in those days, been the fairly ripe old age of almost 78.  If you look at the post with the statue you’ll see that her name is spelled “Sybil” instead of “Sibbell”.  The biography says:

There is much confusion concerning the spelling of her first name. Although it is mostly spelled “Sybil”, her tombstone displays her name as “Sibbell”. However, she signed her Revolutionary War pension application as “Sebal”, which is apparently the spelling she preferred. Her sister Mary spelled her name “Sebil.” In the 1810 census, she is listed as “Sibel.”, and appears on other records as “Cybil.” Her name does not seem to appear on any official documents as “Sybil.”

The War Memorial

Christ Episcopal Church

View from the rear showing both the Presbyterian Church (on the left) and Christ Episcopal Church (on the Right)

Monuments and the Episcopal Church

Large and small gravestones. I don’t know what this means – perhaps children?

Detail of a gravestone

More monuments and gravestones.

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