My wife is away in Europe visiting kids and grandkids. So I’ve been going for longer walks (around two hours rather than the usual one hour) and venturing farther afield. This time (the dog, Jackson and myself) went for a walk in the woods just off route 9d north of Cold Spring. This is what we came across. I discovered from my research that this is the old Stern/Cornish Mansion: Northgate, arguably the most extensive set of ruins in the Hudson Valley.

You can see the patio/terrace in the second picture. The view must have been amazing – out across the Hudson to Storm King mountain on the other side. You get some sense of it in the third picture. This was actually taken lower down because the view from the patio was almost completely blocked by trees, which I’m sure wouldn’t have been there at the time the mansion was occupied. They would have grown since.

Very interesting walk. The Hudson Valley Ruins site has more info on these ruins here. ┬áThere are also some photos of how the mansion looked in it’s heyday.

The Patio/Terrace

View across to Storm King

Porte Cochere in the background

Old Chimney

Through a window

Chimney seen through an arch

Abandoned outbuilding

Ruined greenhouse

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