The Wild Rose Inn (where we stayed).

We went up to Woodstock, NY around Easter 2004. It’s a picturesque little town with some interesting restaurants. At that time we were considering buying a house on the Hudson so we went to a nearby town (Saugerties) to look at some properties. We only really liked one of them, but we decided that the time wasn’t right so we didn’t pursue it. Had a good time looking around though.

Our room in the bed and breakfast.

As the sign says: “Chez Grandmere. Chocolates. Gifts. Antiques.

Entrance hall to the house we considered buying in Saugerties. It was a fascinating house on a large property. Lots of rooms. Built in 1812. At that time we were working and it was just a little too far away. Too difficult to commute from. So we let it go and in retrospect I’m glad that we did. I like it where we are now.

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