Overgrown bleachers

I’d read some reviews of this lens saying it was well made; very sharp and quite inexpensive. So I decided to get one. My first attempt was to buy one with a body attached – in this case a Minolta SCII (essentially a slightly downgraded Minolta SRT-201). I didn’t mind having the body. My neighbor had given me a couple of SRTs, formerly belonging to her uncle, that had been lying around for ages. I quite liked them but unfortunately neither of them worked (although some of the lenses that came with them worked very well): on one the shutter was frozen and on the other the rewind know was missing. Regrettably I know nothing about repairing these old cameras (wish I did). So I bought the SRT SCII and the lens. After a while I got a message from the seller saying that they’d made a mistake. They listed two of these in there inventory and there should only have been one – and that had already been sold. They refunded my money. So then I looked for a good buy on the lens only (maybe I’ll get the SRT some other time) and found one for $25. It was mailed promptly by the seller but took an age to arrive – I guess the US post office is slow around Christmas. Finally it arrived. It’s in great shape. As usual while walking the dog around Briarcliff Manor I took some pictures (see below). I like the lens a lot. It’s small and feels solid and produces great results. Great Value!

Platform Tennis Court

Goal Netting

To wit, to woo!

A wave from Santa

Inside the Maya Riviera

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