As I get older I’ve been gradually ‘downsizing’ my equipment. I switched from a DSLR to a Sony Nex 5N (via a Panasonic LX3, which I love but which in terms of quality is not as good as the Nex and it’s also just a little too big to use as a ‘carry everywhere’ camera). For a ‘carry everywhere’ camera I had been using a Panasonic ZS7.  There was much to like about this camera.  It was very small, had a long zoom range, great macro capabilities etc.  Because I always had it with me I got a lot of nice pictures that I would otherwise have missed.  Admittedly the low light performance was poor, as was the dynamic range and some of the pictures looked a bit like watercolor paintings.  It served me well though.

I thought that the Nex5n would meet all my needs and disposed of the ZS7 .  Unfortunately the Nex is still a bit too big to carry around all the time.  Although the body is small the lenses are, of necessity, large.  It’s certainly not pocketable.  I soon began to regret not having a camera small enough to put in my pocket.

When the Sony RX100 came out I was interested, but it was just too expensive.  Then the RX100mii came out.  Even more interesting, but even more expensive.  But then the price of the RX100 started to come down.  Eventually while browsing around at Best Buy I came across an open box RX100 at a very significant discount.  It was around my Wedding Anniversary so it seemed a good time to suggest to my wife that this might make a good anniversary present.

I’ve only used it once, but I like the results.  Clearly it’s not really a replacement of a DSLR (at least not in my opinion).  But I’m not replacing a DSLR.  I’m replacing a Panasonic ZS7 and the RX100 is a vast improvement.

When I go out specifically to take pictures I’ll take the NEX, but I’ll pretty much always have the RX100 with me.

Valentine’s day is coming

Antique store window

Eagle – or is it an owl?

Old House

Tunnel below the railroad tracks


Christmas in a window

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