I took the dog for a walk around Danbury Fair Mall while my wife was shopping. It’s a bit more interesting than your average mall. It’s located right next to Danbury Airbport so you have planes landing and taking off. It’s also right next to some wet lands, which provide some visual interest. These pictures show how useful the Sony RX100 can be. It’s so small it easily fits into a pocket. On other occasions I might not have had a camera with me so I wouldn’t have gotten any of these. If I had had a camera with me it would probably have been the Sony NEX 5n. I love this camera but I usually take my time over subjects that don’t move (or move very slowly). So I have it set on Direct Manual Focus so I can tweak the autofocus (which I don’t entirely trust). Combined with focus peaking I find this works very well. However, it doesn’t work for very fast moving subjects. With the RX100 I just pointed and shot and was very pleasantly surprised. The picture of the geese is very severely cropped as I was a long way away from them, but at least I got something. Likewise the picture of the aircraft, which I didn’t notice until it was almost past.

Coming in for a landing

Swans on ice

Tree bark


Out for a smoke

Patterns in steel



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