This is one of the first pictures I took with my Panasonic LX3 back in 2010 – in Patriots Park in Tarrytown, NY. I was fascinated by the stone structures built to channel the water (apparently called Andre brook) through the park. I liked the textures of the stone and the curving lines of the structures.

The park is of some historical significance as the site of the capture of Major John Andre during the Revolutionary War. A monument in the park commemorates this. As Wikipedia says:

During the Revolutionary War Major John André of the British Army was captured, disguised in civilian clothing, at the site by three Patriot militiamen. They found papers on him that implicated him in espionage with Benedict Arnold, a high-ranking officer of the Continental Army. After a military trial André was executed; Arnold defected to the British and lived his remaining years after the war in England.

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