We had lunch with some friends last Saturday and they mentioned Westchester’s Ridge Hill Mall in Yonkers, NY. We’d never been there so the following day off we went.

It’s quite interesting. Most Malls are enclosed areas with lots of shops. They present a nice, protected area, but at times become a little claustrophobic. The Ridge Hill Mall is quite different. It’s designed to look and function like a small village (but of course without people living there). Luckily we had, for February, a fairly decent day with temperatures above freezing and occasional light rain. I was even able to sit outside for a couple of hours reading while my wife went shopping. It don’t know how much I would have liked it if it had been snowing, or if the temperatures had been really low. Then the only thing you could do would be to go inside the stores. As far as I could tell there are no enclosed seating areas as there are in the usual malls. There are lots of places to sit, but they’re all outside – probably very nice in summer, but not so nice in bad weather. There are a few places to eat. We had quite a decent, reasonably priced lunch at Havana Central – in fact better than I thought it would be.

Pool with fountains and child

Metal structure/jungle gym in play area.

Detail of metal structure

Facade of Lord and Taylor – from the inside

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