Some lovely photographs by Scott McDermott. The bio on his website describes him as follows:

Born in the US, Scott grew up in Switzerland, backpacked through the American West, and trekked Nepal’s Himalayas before committing to a college life spent mostly in a darkroom in upstate New York. After several years as an assistant to a wide variety of NYC photographers, he struck out on his own, shooting athletes and extreme sports. Scott’s work eventually shifted toward the athletes themselves and portraiture. This led to photographing many of the best creative minds in Hollywood, the music industry and the worlds of business and government. Along with his advertising and editorial work, Scott recently shot a series for "Mandela Day," capturing the hands and faces of many of those who support Nelson Mandela’s message. In the last few years Scott has also made the shift to the moving image as a director on a variety of projects from commercial spots to short films. Scott is based in both New York City and Los Angeles.

via Scott McDermott Photography.

He’s also a very good friend of my younger daughter Jasmine.

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