I recently posted about the annual blessing of the animals at the Hammond Museum and Stroll Garden. Even without the dogs this is an interesting place to visit. Although small it has some pleasant gardens. As its name implies it’s a nice place to just walk around. The museum is also the venue for “..Cultural Events; Weddings; Educational Events; Conferences; Galas; Meditation; Exhibits” etc.

Their website states:

The Japanese Stroll Garden provides a place of natural beauty and tranquility, to delight the senses and refresh the spirit. It is a place where aspects of Eastern and Western culture can be appreciated through art exhibitions, concerts, special 2010 Events and educational programs in order to promote global awareness and understanding. The museum also supports the efforts of artists and performers in the Greater New York Metropolitan Region.

Our Goals are:

To stimulate interest in Eastern and Western artistic traditions through presentation of exhibitions from the museum’s collections and through loaned shows; through music, dance and theatre, featuring historical and contemporary material representing Eastern and Western cultures; through general art classes, lectures, films and seminars, involving the public of all ages in specific learning experiences about the East and West.

To preserve and develop the Japanese Stroll Garden which serves as a model for teaching people about the environment, design, gardening, etc., through lectures, walking tours, classes and workshops.

To promote the efforts of artists and performers in the Greater New York Metropolitan Region, involving them in the presentation of work, performances and teaching opportunities, especially for school groups


Flowers by a pool


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