Looking across King David Cemetery towards the hills on the other side of Peekskill Hollow Road.

King David Cemetery is at the intersection of Peekskill Hollow Road and Mill Street. With so much snow around my options for walking the dog are limited. Cemetery’s are usually interesting places to walk in and they usually clear the snow from the roads. I’ve often taken the dog to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery so I thought I’d try this one. The cemeteries I usually go to are old and often have interesting sculpture, gravestones etc. This one seems to be much more recent and the gravestones are of he less embellished, more modern type. The location of the cemetery is interesting and the views across Peekskill Hollow Road are impressive. Unlike many of the other cemeteries I’ve visited this one seems to be multi-denominational. I noticed Christian areas; Jewish areas; and also a Muslim area.

The cemetery seems to combine with the Beverly Hills cemetery and spread across Mill street. I’ll have to go and take a look on the other side.

All pictures taken with a Sony Nex 5n and Minolta MD-Rokkor-X 45mm f2.


Beautiful gravestone in the Muslim Section of the cemetery

Not something you see every day: “American Cuban Chinese Benevolent Association Inc.”

Silver birch branch

Wreath. This is arguably the sharpest picture I’ve taken. Even viewed at 100% magnification it’s extremely sharp. I wish I could remember the settings (I know it was taken at 100 ISO and 1/200 second, but I since I was using a manual focus lens I don’t know the aperture).

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