A friend of mine collects vintage magazines. He has a novel way of displaying them. On his walls you see nicely framed covers. However, if you take the frame down you see that it isn’t just the covers that are framed, it’s the entire magazine – very clever.

He wanted to get rid of some old ‘Life’ magazines and since ‘Life’ was known for its photography I took them, eight in all. Every issue has at least one (and sometimes more than one) photo essay from well known photographers. In my set (all from 1957) were the following:

– The reigning royalty of Europe: in a democratic era they survive by serving it, June 17 by Nina Leen.
– A farewell to bright college years, June 24 by Alfred Eisenstaedt.
– Pilgrims of the USA visiting the Capitol, July 8 by Henri Cartier-Bresson.
– In image of the master the famous photographs of Mathew Brady are matched today with the pioneers own camera, September 23 by Edward Clark.
– A frenchman looks at american women, Sept 16 by Pierre Boulat.
– Gunners choice: sites favored by ducks and hunters, September 23 by N.R. Farbman and Andreas Feininger.
– Ordeal for the “Beasts”: West Point plebes get stern barracks discipline to toughen them up as the future leaders in battle, October 14 by Pierre Boulat.
– Hunting the Alaskan Brown Bear: North Americas most imposing quarry is bagged, October 14 by N.R.Farbman.
– Ghostly American legends: the early tales die hard even in this skeptical age, October 28 by Nina Leen.
– The Madonna and Child, December 16 by Marik Kauffman, Gjon Mili and Howard Sochurek.

In addition to the photo essays there are lots of great pictures scattered throughout the articles. It’s also worth looking at some of the old ads e.g. cars with fins all over the place: “The EDSEL! To give YOU a wider choice”. There are even a number of camera ads: old folding polaroids, Argus C3s etc.

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