We went to visit my wife’s brother and his family in Rochester, NY. It’s a long ride so we decided to break for lunch somewhere along the way. The last time we visited him we passed a town called Skaneateles on the way back. It’s a very picturesque town alongside a lake. We remembered that we had seen some interesting looking restaurants so, after looking around on the internet, we chose one: The Sherwood Inn. Their website has a page on the history of the inn.  We had a  very pleasant (and fairly inexpensive lunch) and then, after buying some pastries at the next door patisserie we continued out journey.

Another view of the inn.

On our way home our GPS took us back through Skaneateles so we stopped again for lunch – this time at a different restaurant: The Blue Water Grill. Where the Sherwood Inn was across the road from the lake the Blue Water Grill is right on the water. The portions are large and my wife’s dessert was positively enormous.

Lakefront with Gazebo

Another view of the Blue Water Grill. If you look very carefully you can see Eirah sitting in the window.

All photos taken with my wife’s iPhone 5s


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