I went to the Roundup Texas BBQ on Route 9 (just south of the intersection with 301) last night. It’s quite spartan: a small room with four or five wooden picnic tables. The food seems to be cooked and served from a couple of trailers adjoining the restaurant. To order you go up to a window, which aligns with a similar window on the trailers. You give your order and when it’s done they pass it to you through the window. They have an outdoor eating area for use in warm weather and they allow (even welcome) dogs.

The food is Texas style (i.e. dry rubbed) BBQ. If you’re expecting a lot of sauce you’ll be disappointed. I ordered the sampler: about six ribs; 1/4 chicken; a big chunk of sausage and some brisket accompanied by cole slaw, potato salad and macaroni and cheese. To wash it down a couple of Texas beers (Shiner): a pale ale and then a black lager. It was a lot and I was quite full afterwards. The food was pretty good. The meat was very soft and falling off the bone.

It’s a good place to come with Jackson on a warm day and you can sit outside.

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