According to its web site “The Oldest Jewish Dwelling in North America”:

In 1714, Early American Jewish leader, Luis Moses Gomez, built a fieldstone blockhouse to conduct trade and maintain provisions on his 6500 acre property in the Mid-Hudson region as an extension of his successful enterprises in Colonial New York. From these roots and through nearly 300 years of American history, Gomez Mill House evolved as home to American Revolutionary patriot and Orange County leader, Wolfert Acker; 19th century gentleman farmer and conservationist, William Henry Armstrong; Arts and Crafts artisan and paper historian Dard Hunter; and 20th century social activist, Martha Gruening.

Our timing was wrong an we would have had to wait some time for the next house tour so unfortunately we weren’t able to do that. I’m sure it would have been interesting. The mill is very picturesque though.


Tulips by the entrance

Front facade of the house

Bridge to the mill

Mill Pond and Mill

Waterwheel and cascade

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