The River Rose.

As we continued our ride back home from the Gomez Mill House my wife started to get hungry. She’s a very regular eater and if it goes past her normal time to eat she starts to get cranky. So we had to urgently find somewhere to eat. We ended up at the Newburgh waterfront. What a pleasant surprise. Much of Newburgh is run down and somewhat unpleasant looking. I suppose this is typical of many old Hudson river towns. As you drive through you come across very pleasant “enclaves”. I mentioned one in an earlier post: Washington’s Headquarters. Newburgh waterfront is another one. There are a number of interesting looking restaurants, all with spectacular views of the Hudson. We ate outside on the terrace of Torches on the Hudson. While not spectacular the food was decent lunch fare. The service was excellent and they had a nice selection of craft beers.

Watching the Hudson.

Seagulls and the River Rose.


Hudson view looking south with the Newburgh Beacon bridge in the background.

Outdoor terrace at Torches on the Hudson.

Eirah enjoys her crabcakes.

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