We’re members of the local garden club and every year those who run it ask for volunteers to help plant at ‘Two bridges park’ near the beginning of Lake Shore Road and my wife volunteered. This year the girl scouts turned up in force to help with the planting.

The two pictures below show some of the girl scouts at work. The shots are actually of reflections in the stream that passes through the park. They’ve been flipped to make them look as if they’re the right way up. I like both of them. The first seems to show more activity, while in the second they seem more ‘at rest’.

Incidentally the scouts have been doing a wonderful job around the lake. In addition to the work of the girl scouts the eagle scouts constructed a new seating area, with gravel paths, a new bridge (which they built themselves) and a picnic area complete with picnic table. Well done to all of scouts (both male and female) who contributed to this!

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