Girl in Mask, Rhinebeck, NY, 1975(Photo by Arthur Tress)

Fascinating stuff – and such a clever idea: using childrens’ dreams as the basis for creating a series of photographs. Unfortunately I seem to lack the imagination to come up with ideas like this.

Ever dream of being buried alive under the sands in Coney Island? In the 1960s, one child did, and photographer Arthur Tress brought his nightmare to life. Tress has a diverse and incredibly large portfolio of work, and continues to shoot today—it was in the late 1960s, however, that the native New Yorker started to focus on these darker, more surreal images, which he created through some subconscious-picking and staged scenarios.

via The Amazing Arthur Tress Shares His Dark, Surreal Photographs From The 1970s: Gothamist.

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