Lake Geneva from Quai du Mont-Blanc with the Jet d’eau in the background.

We lived in (or right next to) Geneva for eight years and yet I seem to have very few pictures from that time. I suppose there are a couple of reasons for this. First I was going through one of my periodic “soured with photography phases” – This was a particularly long one. Second, and probably more significantly we lived there in the pre-digital age. So I actually might have more pictures, but I’d have to go through boxes of old negatives to try to find them. I might do this, but I suspect I would still find very few.

Here are a few though. They were taken later. My younger daughter still lives in Geneva and we still visit from time to time – although not very much in recent years. Hopefully we’ll get there again soon. I have a yen to go up into the mountains.

Brunswick Monument.

Fountain near the Rue des Alpes

Statue near the Jardin Botanique – right next to where I used to work.

l’Auberge du Lion d’Or in Cologny – Michelin starred restaurant just down the road from where we lived.

Runner in the Place des Nations with the Broken Chair and the Palais des Nations in the background.

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