Red Milk Churns (I think)

I came across this lens in a Goodwill store. I’d already developed an interest in older Pentax cameras as well as a yen to try out M42 mount lenses, many of which seem to be good value for money. It was selling for $7.99 (with a nice leather case) so I figured that there was nothing to lose and I bought it. I also bought a nice looking black Spotmatic on ebay and an adaptor so I could use the lens on my NEX 5N.

The adapter came yesterday and I had a chance to try the lens. How do I like it? Frankly I’m astonished! I didn’t expect it to be ask good as it is. Maybe a little soft at f2.8 it’s extremely sharp from f4 onwards. There’s a little barrel distortion but nothing that isn’t easily correctible in post processing. I took a few shots into the sun and didn’t notice much flare. All things considered an extremely nice lens, particularly for what I paid for it.

The Spotmatic is another story. It looks great, but the mirror sticks every few shots and I can’t open the battery compartment (although I haven’t tried very hard yet). Neither of these seem to be insurmountable problems though. It didn’t cost much so I’m not too concerned. I’d like to get it work though.

Wagon Wheels

Canon on the Hudson Waterfront

Chest Detail

Lamps at The Depot

Hudson View

Meter on an abandoned gas station

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