The White House Restaurant/Bar (mostly Bar nowadays by the look of it) in Fishkill.

I’d been meaning to take a look around Fishkill for some time, but somehow hadn’t gotten around to it. We have two daughters, one son-in-law, and five grandchildren staying with us at the moment. They wanted to go to Splashdown Beach Water Park so I dropped them off and went for a walk. I didn’t really have enough time to explore it as I would have liked, but it’s an interesting town and I’ll probably go back.

Presently Piano Piano Wine Bar, but a plaque on the wall proclaims: “Davies Building. Originally The National Bank of Fishkill. Built c. 1857. Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior”.

First Reformed Church of Fishkill. A historic marker sign outside says: “Dutch Church. Reformed Church of Fishkill. Organized 1716. Built 1725. Occupied 1776 by New York Provincial Congress. Also prison during Revolution.” The church consists of several buildings. This one is known as “The Sanctuary”. The church’s website describes it as follows: “Our sanctuary, one of the most historic buildings in all of Dutchess County, is the centerpiece of our property. Though it underwent several changes through its first 150 years or so, the focus now is on preserving this building and its many symbols as a house of worship and a prominent sign to the community of the love of God that is present here.”

Another one of the church buildings: The DuBois House. According to the website: “Although this house bears the name of a founding elder of the church, it was never owned or occupied by him. Originally referred to as the Village Farm, this structure passed through many generations of church members before being sold as a commercial property. In 1991, the church acquired the building, which had been significantly modified inside. The building now houses our offices and a meeting room.”

Fishkill United Methodist Church. Erected 1838.

House on Broad Street.

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