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Before the formation of community cemeteries, a country churchyard was the only public burial ground available. Sometimes an obscure corner of the family farm held the remains of family members. Gradually, the churchyards were being filled up. Public interest was aroused by a number of Fishkill citizens getting together to seek a suitable site for a cemetery. The Fishkill Rural Cemetery was organized on April 25, 1866, with Isaac Cotheal as chairman and Jas. E. Van Steenbeergh as secretary. A track of 27 acres was purchased from James Smith, a local farmer. On October 17, 1866 at a Dedication Ceremony with appropriate and solemn services, the Fishkill Rural Cemetery was established as a resting place for the dead. The Honorable Allard Anthony presented the opening address. Doctor Lewis H. White, the beloved physician who cared for the local residents served as first president.

Detail from the Dubois Chapel (also seen in the first picture above).

The DuBois Chapel was built in a Gothic Revival Style Architecture in 1888. Doctor Abram DuBois and his wife Catharine provided initial funding of $2,000.00. The DuBois family donated several stained glass windows and the original bell donated by James E. Van Nostrand survive to this day. Restoration of the chapel began in 1996, restoring the windows, fireplace, and the entranceway. New stained glass windows were also donated to replace damaged windows. Funding of the chapel restoration was provided by plot owners and concerned citizens. The Chapel which was refurbished through donations included new memorialized benches.

As the Inscription says: “1866. Receiving Vault”

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