Going north on Route 9 from Peekskill towards Fishkill you pass the intersection with Route 301. A little further there’s a sign to “Hubbard Lodge”. I’ve often seen it and the other day decided to see what was there. Drive a short distance down the road and you come to a chalet style building. It was locked when I was there so I have no idea what’s inside. Behind the building is a fenced off area (which you can enter, but no dogs allowed) with a patio, picnic tables, a gazebo and lots of paths between flower beds. Bees and butterflies fly around all over the place. The garden looks a bit overgrown to me – but maybe it’s meant to be like that. A nice place to come and sit for a while.

Go on a little further and you come to some trails.



Wooden bench

Flowers with bees

Echinacea (if I’m not mistaken – and I easily could be)

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