I was looking for somewhere to walk the dog in Beacon, NY and missed my turning. As I was trying to find it I saw a sign to Mount Gulian, which I’d vaguely heard of, and decided to see what it was. You go through a housing development and then suddenly there’s this house overlooking the Hudson.

According to Wikipedia:

Mount Gulian is a reconstructed 18th century Dutch manor house on the Hudson River in the town of Fishkill…The original house served as the headquarters of Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben during the American Revolutionary War…

The original mansion was destroyed in a fire laid by an arsonist in 1931. After this, the ruin of the house was left unattended until 1966, when Bache Bleecker, a descendant of the Verplanck family, and his wife Connie founded the Mount Gulian Society, as a nonprofit, private organization. The goal of the society was restoration of Mount Gulian which was completed in 1975. The restoration reconstructed the house to the state it was in when it served as von Steuben’s headquarters. Later additions were left out. Since then, the building has been accessible to the public as a museum. Also on the site is an 18th-century Dutch barn, which was moved to this location from Hopewell Junction.

Assuming the part facing the Hudson is the front of the house, this is the rear porch.

Front of the house overlooking the Hudson.

View of Hudson from the front porch.

View of the house from the Garden

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