Woods/farm road trail

This trail is very close to our house and connects into the Fahnestock trail system. It’s possible to walk to it, but you’d have to get across the Taconic Parkway. It’s doable, particularly during those times when the Taconic is not very busy. Today we went around rush hour so there was no way I was going to attempt it. So we drove across to the other side and parked by the side of the road.

It’s a fairly typical Fahnestock trail: large rocks, stone walls, the occasional downed tree etc. There’s also one very short, swampy bit where I had to pick up Jackson and carry him across. He’d just had a bath and Eirah would have killed me if he got muddy. However, where most of the Fahnestock trails I’ve been to have been narrow, with undergrowth coming right up to the trail itself this one is wider. More along the lines of a woods/farm road than a hiking trail. The prevalence of ruined stone walls along the trail would seem to confirm that this is what it once was.

It would be a pleasant trail if it didn’t run alongside the Taconic for a while so, in this stretch, there’s the constant noise of traffic. After about 45 minutes it starts to turn away from the parkway offering the prospect of a quieter walk. I’d already been for a walk in the morning and it was a hot, humid day so I didn’t feel like going any farther. We turned around and made our way back.

Marshy bit.


Rock wall.

Tree down across the trail.

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