I was going to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City and decided to walk through Central Park. Although I’ve lived near NYC for many years (and worked in the city for a lot of them) I’d never walked around in the park. In all I spent about two hours – including a stop by one of the lakes to have breakfast. Very pleasant.

During the walk I came across the famous Alice in Wonderland statue constructed in 1959 by José de Creeft. At first glance it seems like a very pleasant statue of a popular children’s book. But I found that when you look closer the characters look rather scary – almost evil.

Look at the fangs on the Cheshire Cat.

The manic stare on the Mad Hatter.

The White Rabbit doesn’t look too scary.

Even Alice looks spooky from certain angles. She looks as if she’s about to eat that cute little cat: Dinah.

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