Reaching Lady Statue.

I’ve been to Croton Landing many times. I’ve even taken some pictures of the 9/11 memorial. However, this was some time ago. Since the last time I was there a new item has been added to the memorial: a statue. Apparently it’s called “Reaching Lady” and it was created by Lauren Davis – A Resident of Croton on Hudson.

I found the pre-statue version to be quite powerful: a twisted girder with bit of concrete attached to it. To me it said everything that needed to be said.

I’m not sure that the statue adds much. In fact to me it takes away from the original memorial, diluting it a little. I don’t dislike the statue. It’s just that I think the twisted girder worked fine by itself. It doesn’t need the statue to make its point.

Maybe it’s just me though.

Closeup of Statue.

American flag.

Detail of girder.

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