Flowers in vases.

These were taken during a trip in 2004. I’d just come back from somewhere else and was tired and didn’t want to travel again, but had not alternative. I was working and the combination of the work and tiredness meant that I didn’t get out very much to take pictures. When I did get out I guess my heart wasn’t really in it because I didn’t like many of the resulting pictures. Here are a few that weren’t too bad.

I liked Buenos Aires though – or at least what little I saw of it. Very European feeling with noticeable French influences. Nice looking restaurants. I love meat pies and one night on my way back to my hotel room for some much needed sleep I picked up a selection of empanadas. They were excellent!

Taken with a Canon Powershot S50 compact camera.

Statue in front of the Casa Rosada

Door detail.

Empanada people???


Tango. Technically not much of a picture, but I couldn’t leave Argentina without a Tango picture!

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