Cold Spring is one of my favorite places, but I had previously not come across the Spring Cemetery. It’s off a road that I don’t normally use and far enough away from the downtown area that I hadn’t walked there. I’m fond of cemeteries. Not because I have a fascination with death, but because I find them to be peaceful places, often with interesting buildings, statues, trees and plants. This one is particularly pleasant in that when you go up to the higher regions you can find views out over the cemetery itself and across the Hudson towards the mountains on the other side.

Wikipedia describes it as follows:

The Cold Spring Rural Cemetery Association bought a 30-acre (12 ha) parcel in Nelsonville shortly after its formation in 1862. New York City architects Mead and Woodward were hired to design the grounds while Woodward’s frequent collaborator George Harvey worked on the gatehouse, which closely resembles one in Woodward’s pattern book, Woodward’s Country Homes. It was finished by 1865 in time for its photograph to be used in the association’s bylaws pamphlet.

Apparently the gatehouse is of special significance architecturally. I wish I’d know that. I’d have taken a picture of it.

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