Another year has passed so I thought I’d do a post of some of my favorite pictures – starting with black and white. Last year I did a favorite from each month. This time I’ve decided to just do my ten favorite pictures from 2014. I was surprised to see that four of them were taken in, or around, a mall.

I was walking on the upper level of the Westchester’s Ridge Hill Mall when I noticed the patterns made by the falling water from the fountains. Then I noticed the small girl standing at the side. At first she was looking into the fountain (and I have a picture of that). Then she turned and looked away. Somehow I liked this one better.

I’d just bought my Sony RX100 and sitting in the mall (I don’t remember which one) taking a break and trying to figure out how it worked when I noticed this guy sitting across from me. I guess he was so worn out from shopping that he just had to take a nap. So this is the first picture I took with the new camera.

This is the tunnel beneath the railway tracks in Cold Spring, NY. It was extremely dark and I didn’t expect this shot to turn out well. I was surprised when it did.

I was walking the dog at Danbury Mall when I noticed this small plane coming in to land at Danbury Airport. I quickly took a picture of it. I’m not usually good with fast moving objects and quickly changing situations, but this one came out well. I got the plane and the woman looking into the distance.

Horses (or are they donkeys or mules? – I’m not quite sure) in the snow. Taken along Peekskill Hollow Road. The inclement weather didn’t seem to bother them much. I liked the darker animals against the white snow and for once the snow isn’t completely blown out.

Detail of a sculpture in a playground at the Westchester’s Ridge Hill Mall. I loved the quirky figures and the smoothness of the metal structure.

Dutchess County Gothic. Taken at the Gomez Mill House. What caught my attention were the textures of the stone wall, floor and the wood of the implements.

Taken at Graymoor, home of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. I was about to take a picture of this slightly incongruous Michelangelo clone statue perched on a rocky outcrop with a cross next to it when this gentleman came up to do his daily observances. Too good to miss.

Staircase in the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY. I was taken by the repeating patterns receding into the distance. Yes it’s been done before – but not by me.

Alice statue in Central Park – with young people. I wasn’t sure whether or not to include this. There’s something about the exposure that I don’t like. But with her arms spread Alice looks as if she is blessing the assembled multitude so I decided to go with in.

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