The view north.

Taken during a vacation in Spain. We’d rented this amazing house on a cliff overlooking the sea. It was in Javea between Valencia and Alicante. We flew to Valencia, rented a car an drove down to the house. We ended up on a gravel road that seemed to lead nowhere. As we continued it got closer and closer to the edge of the cliffs and we started to fear that we had taken the wrong turning (this was in pre GPS days). Eventually we saw a short flight of steps and at the bottom a house. The view was amazing. This was one of my favorite vacations: a nice mix of lazing around the house/pool and visiting local attractions.

The pictures were most likely taken with a Canon AE-1.

View from the house looking out over the pool.

View South.

View from Guadalest

Algar Waterfalls.

The house from down by the pool.

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