We were down in New York City to see “On the Town”. After the performance we went around the block to the International Center of Photography to see the Sebastiao Salgado “Genesis” exhibition.

The photographs are stunning: the light is unbelievable and the tonality of the black an white pictures amazing. Seeing something as good as this makes me feel like giving up photography (I won’t though).

“The Guardian” has an interesting review: Sebastião Salgado: Genesis – review.

I also liked this article:

In the rainforest everything is backlit. The light streams towards you, silhouetting the trees. Also the Brazilian sun burns, so children are given broad-brimmed hats. They grow up always looking from shadow into light.

“I realised recently that most of my photographs are shot against the light,” says Sebastião Salgado, “and that is why. I was raised in the shadows. The sun injured my nose and it was necessary to have a hat, so everything came to me from light into shadow.”

via Bryan Appleyard » Blog Archive » Sebastiao Salgado: The Unfiltered Lens.

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