I was sitting in our living room reading when I noticed some movement on the frozen lake. It was a man pulling a small sledge – and his dog walking along behind. After a while I noticed that he would move to one part of the lake and stay there for a while, sometimes sitting for a bit and then move on. Gradually it dawned on me that he was ice fishing. He was monitoring a number of holes and was moving from one to the next to see see what was happening. I have no idea who he is, but I do know that he stayed out there for some considerable time. I took a few pictures and then lost interest and didn’t notice when he eventually left. Incidentally the dog seemed to be having a great time.

A man and a dog – on the ice.

The pictures were taken with a Sony Nex 5n, 55-210mm f4.5-6.3. I also took some with the NEX and a Konica Hexanon, 135mm f3.5 but I didn’t like them as as much. They are quite sharp but I wasn’t pleased with the composition.

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