This was taken in August, 2010 with a Panasonic Lumix ZS-3. I’d had a good experience with the Panasonic LX-3, but I felt I needed something with a longer zoom. At the time I didn’t really understand the difference that a larger sensors makes and the 12x zoom looked appealing. It was also very small and responded well to my sense that I no longer wanted to lug around a larger camera. For some time this camera became my carry everywhere camera and I really enjoyed using it. Eventually I came to realize that the image quality wasn’t all that I wanted and so I eventually swapped it for an old Olympus Pen F. However, this picture shows what I found appealing in this camera. This structure was a long way up the Chrysler Building but the ZS-3 allowed me to get close. The quality isn’t wonderful, but without this camera I probably wouldn’t have this shot at all. First I probably wouldn’t have had a camera with me. The ZS-3’s size allowed me to carry it around easily. Second the long lens allowed me to get within range.

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