Lens Bubbles

If so then you’ll like this site:

Lens Bubbles.

It contains post after post of quite detailed instructions on how to adapt sometimes quite arcane lenses to a variety of cameras – although the focus seems to be on the Sony E mount. It goes far beyond just buying an off the shelf adapter (as I have done in the past) and into specifics of taking apart lenses and rigging up your own adapter. The author takes old lenses, cuts bits off, drills holes, glues stuff together and … voila… an adapter that lets you use a Koristka Salex Anastigmat 5 2/5 Inch f4.5 with your Sony Alpha Nex A7. Almost all of the posts provide images produced by the adapted lens/camera combination to show you what kind of results you can expect.

Fascinating stuff! I wish I had the nerve (and the mechanical skills) to try some of this. Must be very fulfilling to get an ancient lens (that probably nobody wants any more) to work work with a state of the art camera body.

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